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The Journey

Founded in 2019 by Jeremy and Ryan Rios, Tony Ray's roots trace back to sunny San Diego, where two kids bonded over having the same goofy-ass zip up shoes and the same last name. Fast forward through life's adventures - Jeremy mastering the art of entrepreneurship in Utah and starting a family, and Ryan embracing brotherhood and the inked tales of his Navy voyages - our story is one of rekindled friendship and shared dreams.

The Start

Reunited, with Jeremy's business acumen and Ryan's artistic flair, we embarked on a mission: to create the world's first full-sleeve temporary tattoos for kids. Inspired by our childhood, where licking and sticking the temporary tattoos on our zebra gum wrappers was a rite of passage, we wanted to blend our worlds - family and art, culture and expression.

The Vision

At Tony Ray, we're more than just tattoos. We're about fearless expression and moments of parental pride. We believe every child should have the freedom to showcase their personality, and every parent should experience that burst of pride seeing their little ones confidently sporting their Tony Ray tattoos and say: "That's my boy! (or girl!)"

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Jeremy's kids, company name inspiration, and full-time models.

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