Our temporary kid tattoos are the only premium, professionally-designed tattoos on the market. Our matte finish gives an authentic look that will last 2-5 days, guaranteed or your money back. Designed to fit your kids, ages 3 - 12 years.


Jeremy and Ryan Rios formed Tony Ray in 2019 but their story starts back when they were just two youngsters hanging loose and sipping juice in sunny San Diego. The day they met, they learned they shared the same last name and immediately became “brothers” / best friends for life (cue that scene in Step Brothers: “did we just become best friends?!” “Yep!”).

The adventures of life eventually put some distance between them; Jeremy relocated to Utah to attend BYU and Ryan relocated to the East Coast and joined the Navy. 

Jeremy learned the ropes of business entrepreneurship and started a family while Ryan completed 2 deployments to the Persian Gulf, learning the importance of brotherhood and the art of tattooing as a way to symbolize his experiences. 

As a now tatted Navy Vet with a fresh perspective on life, Ryan (aka Uncle Tony), returned to San Diego to study at Cal State San Marcos and started a visual blog on Instagram. When he started cultivating an interest in entrepreneurship, the two brothers knew it was time to start hanging loose and sipping juice together again. 

In search of a novel idea to bring into the world, Jeremy and Ryan put their resources together to create the world’s first full sleeve temporary tattoos for youngsters. Jeremy had kids and Ryan had tattoos so the idea perfectly blended their two worlds together, giving them a way to bring their love for family, art, culture, and expression together.

Most of all, they want to encourage kids to express themselves fearlessly and give parents that moment of pride when they look at their tatted kid and say “that’s my boy/girl!”