Party On with Party City Tattoos: Fake Tattoos for Any Occasion!

Welcome to the world of Party City Tattoos – the perfect solution for anyone wanting to add some extra fun to their parties or events. Temporary tattoos have grown in popularity over the years, and it's easy to see why! Whether you're hosting a kid's birthday party, a bachelorette party, or just a weekend get-together with friends, temporary tattoos are a great addition to any celebration.

What Are Party City Tattoos?

At Party City, there are many different types of fake tattoos available, ranging from simple black and white designs to colorful and detailed graphics. Compared to other temporary tattoos on the market, Party City Tattoos are known for their high-quality and staying power.

Party City Tattoos are also affordable, making them a budget-friendly option for anyone looking to add some fun to their parties or events.

How to Apply Party City Tattoos

Applying Party City Tattoos is extremely easy – all you need is some water and a damp cloth. First, select the tattoo you want to apply, and make sure the area is clean and dry. Then, place the tattoo on the desired area and wet the back of the tattoo with water. Hold the damp cloth on the tattoo for around 30 seconds. When you remove the damp cloth, the tattoo paper should slide off, revealing the temporary tattoo.

It's important to note that you should avoid applying creams or lotions to the area where you'll apply the temporary tattoo, as it will prevent the adhesive from sticking correctly. To make sure the tattoo lasts through your entire event, avoid stretching or rubbing the area and keeping the area dry.

Fake Tattoos for Any Occasion

Party City Tattoos are perfect for any type of celebration or event. They can be used as a fun activity for kids' parties, a unique addition to a bachelorette party, or even as a party favor. The possibilities are endless!

If you're struggling to think of ways to incorporate Party City Tattoos into your event, here are a few ideas:

  • Use them as a backdrop for a photo booth
  • Create a scavenger hunt using temporary tattoos as clues
  • Have a temporary tattoo station set up for guests to apply their own tattoos
  • Use temporary tattoos as a theme for your party (i.e. pirates, superheroes, etc.)

Where to Buy Party City Tattoos

You can purchase Party City Tattoos at any Party City store or online through their website. Be sure to check out their current deals and promotions to get the best deal possible. You can also follow Party City on social media to stay up-to-date on the latest temporary tattoo trends.


Adding temporary tattoos to your party or event is a great way to add some extra fun and excitement. Party City Tattoos provide a high-quality and affordable option, making them the perfect choice for anyone looking to get in on the temporary tattoo trend.

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