Infinity Tattoos on the Wrist: 17 Designs to Inspire You!

Infinity Tattoos on the Wrist: 17 Designs to Inspire You!

Introduction to Infinity Tattoos on the Wrist

Infinity tattoos are a beautiful and meaningful way to express eternal love, friendship, or a personal connection. They represent endlessness and the limitless possibilities of life. An infinity tattoo on the wrist is a popular choice for both men and women, and it makes a bold statement that is also easy to show off.

People choose infinity tattoos on the wrist for several reasons. For some, it symbolizes a never-ending relationship, while others appreciate its spiritual meaning. Some individuals choose an infinity tattoo to make a statement and to represent self-love.

One of the main appeals of an infinity tattoo on the wrist is its small size and its ability to complement other tattoos or jewelry. Moreover, many people prefer an infinity tattoo on their wrist because they can easily conceal it while in a professional setting.

17 Designs of Infinity Tattoos on the Wrist

Here are 17 unique designs of infinity tattoos on the wrist that can inspire you.

  • Infinity Ring Tattoo: A simple yet elegant design of the infinity symbol wrapped around the wrist in the shape of a ring.
  • Infinity Heart Symbol Tattoo: A heart symbol following the infinity sign that represents infinite love and affection.
  • Love Infinity Symbol Tattoo: This tattoo is a mix of love and infinity signs. It represents an unending love from an inferior person.
  • Infinity Tattoo Revenge: A creative take on the infinity symbol with a skull representing revenge.
  • Infinity Dragonfly Tattoo: A beautiful tattoo depicting an infinity symbol within the shape of a dragonfly that represents change and transformation.
  • Infinity Loop Tattoo: An infinity sign twisted in the shape of a loop.
  • Infinity Heart Tattoo on Wrist: A minimalist design featuring the infinity sign with a small heart in the center.
  • Tsukuyomi Tattoo: A Japanese design with the infinity symbol and a flower, representing strength and prosperity.
  • Small Infinity Heart Tattoos: A small and subtle infinity heart tattoo that is perfect for someone who wants to keep it discreet.
  • Lotus Flower with Infinity Symbol Tattoo: A tattoo that incorporates both the lotus flower and the infinity symbol, representing purity, rebirth, and infinite possibilities.
  • J Infinity Tattoo: A unique and personal infinity tattoo that represents not just infinity but your name’s initial as well.
  • Infinity with Heartbeat Tattoo: This tattoo blends the infinity sign with an electrocardiogram that symbolizes life and love.
  • Infinity Tattoos on Wrist with Heart: A more elaborate design featuring the infinity sign composed of small hearts.
  • Infinity Tattoo with Zodiac Signs: A great way to personalize an infinity tattoo is to incorporate your Zodiac sign. This represents infinite opportunities and potentialities in one's life.
  • Infinity Tattoo with Three Names and Heart: A unique way to show your love and affection for three essential people in your life.
  • Infinity Symbol with Wings Tattoo: This tattoo symbolizes freedom, soaring high in the sky, and infinite possibilities.

Placement and Post-Care Tips for Infinity Tattoos on the Wrist

One of the most significant advantages of the wrist as a canvas is that it allows you to select the placement and size of your tattoo. The best placement for an infinity tattoo on the wrist is near the radial pulse point, where your wrist meets your hand.

Post-care for infinity tattoos are essential that includes cleansing the area, keeping it moisturized, and avoiding direct sunlight. A well-kept tattoo will heal correctly and enable its colors to stand out better.

Meaning and Symbolism of Infinity Tattoos on the Wrist

The infinity symbol, also known as the lemniscate, is believed to have originated from the ancient Greek mathematician John Wallis. He introduced the infinity symbol as a way to represent an unlimited quantity or concept.

For many people, infinity tattoos on the wrist represent something eternal, such as love, friendship, spirituality, strength, or the continuity of life. The direction the infinity sign faces denotes room for an interpretation of its meaning. Some choose to have their infinity tattoos on the wrist to end on the palm side, while others prefer the infinity sign to loop toward themselves.

Choosing the meaning and symbolism of your infinity tattoo on the wrist is a personal decision. It could reflect your deepest desires or remind you of your most cherished memories. It's important to think about what it means to you and what you want it to convey.


Infinity tattoos on the wrist are growing in popularity due to their significant meaning, the wide selection of designs, and their discreetness. We hope our collection of 17 infinity tattoos on the wrist will inspire you to find one that speaks to you personally. Reach out to our temporary tattoo business today to get your infinity tattoos on your wrist and showcase your beautiful personality!

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