8 Fun and Festive Saint Patrick's Day Tattoos to Celebrate in Style

8 Fun and Festive Saint Patrick's Day Tattoos to Celebrate in Style

8 Fun and Festive Saint Patrick's Day Tattoos to Celebrate in Style


Saint Patrick's Day is a vibrant and exciting celebration of Irish culture and heritage. It's a day where people from all over the world come together to honor Saint Patrick and everything Irish. And what better way to celebrate than with temporary tattoos? In this article, we'll explore the world of Saint Patrick's Day tattoos, from shamrocks to leprechauns, and give you some fantastic ideas to help you celebrate in style!

What are Saint Patrick's Day Tattoos?

Saint Patrick's Day tattoos come in all shapes and sizes, allowing you to express your Irish spirit. From small and subtle designs to bold and colorful ones, there's a temporary tattoo for everyone. Temporary tattoos have become incredibly popular for this occasion as they are easy to apply and can be removed effortlessly after the celebrations.

Fun and Festive Saint Patrick's Day Tattoo Ideas

Let's dive into some of the most fun and festive Saint Patrick's Day tattoo designs. These designs are not only eye-catching but also incorporate the keywords you're looking to rank for.

A. Shamrock Tattoos

Ah, the iconic shamrock! A symbol of luck and the Irish spirit. Show off your Irish pride with a temporary shamrock tattoo.

B. Leprechaun Tattoos

Leprechauns are mischievous little creatures from Irish folklore. Their image is often associated with Saint Patrick's Day, making them an excellent choice for a temporary tattoo.

C. Pot of Gold Tattoos

Everyone knows there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Capture the magic and excitement of this legend with a pot of gold temporary tattoo.

D. Rainbow Tattoos

Rainbows symbolize hope and promise. A temporary rainbow tattoo will add a burst of color and joy to your Saint Patrick's Day celebrations.

E. Celtic Knot Tattoos

The intricate and mesmerizing patterns of Celtic knots are a beautiful way to honor Irish heritage. Consider a temporary Celtic knot tattoo for a unique and meaningful design.

Temporary Saint Patrick's Day Face Tattoos

Face tattoos have become increasingly popular for Saint Patrick's Day celebrations. Here are some fantastic options that will bring some festive spirit to your face.

A. St. Patty's Day Face Tattoos

Get into the spirit with a temporary face tattoo that features popular Saint Patrick's Day symbols like shamrocks, leprechauns, or even the Irish flag.

B. Shamrock Face Tattoos

Highlight the importance of shamrocks as a symbol of luck by sporting a shamrock face tattoo. It will surely bring luck and smiles to everyone you meet.

C. Leprechaun Face Tattoos

If you want to channel the mischievousness of leprechauns, a temporary leprechaun face tattoo is the way to go. These fun designs will make you the life of the party!

D. Pot of Gold Face Tattoos

A pot of gold on your face? Absolutely! Show off your playful side with a temporary pot of gold face tattoo and watch as your friends envy your festive spirit.

E. Rainbow Face Tattoos

Bring some color and cheer to your face with a temporary rainbow tattoo. This design will make you shine bright like a rainbow during your Saint Patrick's Day celebrations.

St. Patrick's Day Tattoo Flash and Stickers

For those who want quick and easy application, St. Patrick's Day tattoo flash and stickers are the perfect choice. Here are some options to consider.

A. Flash Tattoos for St. Patrick's Day

Flash tattoos are a fantastic way to add some sparkle to your festivities. Choose designs that feature glitter or metallic accents to make a bold statement.

B. St. Patty's Day Tattoo Stickers

Tattoo stickers offer a hassle-free way to decorate your skin. They are easy to apply and remove, making them ideal for those who want a temporary festive look.

C. Temporary Shamrock Stickers and Tattoos

Shamrock stickers and tattoos are classic choices for Saint Patrick's Day. These designs are versatile and can be placed anywhere on your body.

D. Easy Application St. Patrick's Day Tattoos

If you're looking for simplicity and convenience, opt for easy-application tattoos. These tattoos often come with pre-cut designs, making it a breeze to apply them in a pinch.

Where to Find Saint Patrick's Day Temporary Tattoos

Now that you're excited about getting your own Saint Patrick's Day tattoo, you may be wondering where to find them. Here are a few options:

A. Online Retailers

Many online retailers offer a wide selection of Saint Patrick's Day temporary tattoos. Simply browse their websites, choose your favorite designs, and have them shipped right to your door.

B. Party Supply Stores

If you prefer a more hands-on shopping experience, check out party supply stores like Party City. They usually have a dedicated section for seasonal items, including Saint Patrick's Day tattoos.


Saint Patrick's Day tattoos are a fantastic way to celebrate this lively holiday. Whether you choose a charming shamrock, a mischievous leprechaun, or a vibrant rainbow, temporary tattoos allow you to showcase your festive spirit with ease. Remember to use high-quality and safe temporary tattoos to ensure the best experience. So go ahead and have some fun this Saint Patrick's Day - embrace the magic and excitement with a fun and festive temporary tattoo!

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