10 Festive Saint Patrick's Day Tattoos to Show Your Irish Pride

10 Festive Saint Patrick's Day Tattoos to Show Your Irish Pride

10 Festive Saint Patrick's Day Tattoos to Show Your Irish Pride


Saint Patrick's Day, celebrated on March 17th, is a holiday to honor Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. This holiday is a time for people to celebrate their Irish heritage and culture. Temporary tattoos are a popular choice on this holiday as they allow people to show their Irish pride in a fun and festive way. In this article, we will showcase 10 festive Saint Patrick's Day tattoos to inspire your holiday celebrations.

Saint Patrick's Day Tattoo Ideas

Here are 10 Saint Patrick's Day tattoo ideas to show off your Irish pride:

  • Shamrock - A classic choice for Saint Patrick's Day, this simple but iconic symbol can be a great addition to any festive outfit.
  • Irish Flag - Show off your love for Ireland with this flag tattoo. Perfect for those who want to show off their national pride.
  • Leprechaun - This cute and colorful character is a fun way to celebrate the holiday. Plus, it's a great way to stand out in a crowd!
  • Celtic Knot - A beautiful and intricate design that represents Irish heritage and culture.
  • Pot of Gold - Another classic Saint Patrick's Day symbol that adds a touch of whimsy to any outfit.
  • Horseshoe - A symbol of good luck, the horseshoe tattoo is a popular choice for those who want to attract good fortune this holiday season.
  • Green Beer - A quirky and fun tattoo that shows off your love for this Irish holiday staple.
  • Four-Leaf Clover - A symbol of good luck and prosperity, the four-leaf clover is a great choice for those who want to channel some positivity this Saint Patrick's Day.
  • Irish Harp - A beautiful and elegant tattoo that represents Irish culture and music.
  • Lucky Charms Cereal - This playful tattoo is a nod to the beloved breakfast cereal and a fun way to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day.

Shimmering Saint Patrick Tattoos Flash

A popular trend in Saint Patrick's Day tattoo flash is the use of shimmering designs. These tattoos incorporate glitter and metallic finishes to add a touch of sparkle to your holiday look. Some popular shimmering designs include:

  • Golden Shamrock
  • Green Glitter Clovers
  • Shimmering Leprechaun Hat
  • Metallic Irish Flag

Saint Paddy's Day Face Tattoos

Face tattoos are a popular choice on Saint Patrick's Day as they allow people to easily show off their festive spirit. Some popular face tattoo designs include:

  • Shamrock Stickers
  • Leprechaun Beard Tattoos
  • Pot of Gold Forehead Tattoo
  • Clover Eye Tattoos

Temporary Shamrock Tattoos

Shamrocks are a significant Saint Patrick's Day symbol and a popular choice for temporary tattoos. Here are a few designs to consider:

  • Saint Patrick's Day Shamrock Tattoos
  • Green Clover Tattoos
  • Shamrock Wrist Tattoos

Saint Patrick's Day Stickers

Saint Patrick's Day stickers are another popular festive accessory. Here are a few designs to look out for:

  • Shamrock Stickers
  • Lucky Irish Stickers
  • Leprechaun Stickers
  • Pot of Gold Stickers

Party City Face Tattoos

Party City is a popular place to buy Saint Patrick's Day face tattoos. Here are a few popular designs:

  • Shamrock Face Tattoos
  • Green Clover Face Tattoos
  • Irish Flag Face Tattoos
  • Pot of Gold Face Tattoos


Temporary Saint Patrick's Day tattoos are a fun and festive way to show off your Irish pride this holiday season. From shamrocks to shimmering designs, there are endless options to choose from. So, try out some of the ideas in this article and celebrate the holiday in style!

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